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About Us

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Adelong Preschool is ....

a community based not-for-profit preschool, part of the wider Adelong Community.


We currently operate 4 days per week - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


Adelong Preschool provides a learning environment which encourages the maximum use of  all of the senses to develop abilities skills and attributes conducive to further learning.


Adelong Preschool aims to provide an environment which allows each child to develop and enhance self expression and effective communication as well as developing positive attitudes towards themselves and others.


All staff are fully trained and qualified in Early Childhood Education and they undergo regular training updates.


Parents, carers and the community are involved in the decision making process of our preschool and are invited to be part of the management committee.


Parent participation has long been a feature of our preschool. Parents are encouraged to become involved in the program to the level that  they feel comfortable, working in partnership with the staff and children to enhance our daily program.


In 2019 we completed our assessment and rating - we received meeting as our result.

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