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Adelong Preschool is a not-for-profit community based preschool which has been providing early learning education to the children of Adelong since the early 1980's.


During this time the preschool operated from various locations, venues which were shared with other community groups until 2012 when a purpose built Preschool building was constructed.


This Adelong Preschool Building  was made possible through the Preschool Growth Program and government grants.


Before enrolling your child into Adelong Preschool, families will need to complete an Interest in Enrolment form.


Please return the completed Interest of Enrolment form to the preschool, you can either email it or drop in and visit  the centre. Once accepted you will receive and enrolment package which will include more information about the preschool and an enrolment form.


A $60.00  non- refundable enrolment fee applies which also includes membership to Adelong Preschool Incorporated.


Please click this link to be taken to the Enrolment Forms


Adelong Preschool is a community based preschool.  This means that  parents, carers and the community are involved in the decision making process and are invited to be part of the management committee.


The Management Committee has a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Officer and other roles.


If we do not have  parents or carers for these roles the preschool can not operate.


Involvement in the committee is a rewarding, challenging and social experience.


Parent meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 7pm at the Preschool. All parents are invited to attend.


The agenda for each of the meetings is placed on the entrance door before the meeting.  All parents, carers are invited to add  ideas or suggestions to be discussed at these meetings to the agenda.


If you don't attend these meetings you deny yourself the right and the unique opportunity of participating in the progress of your preschool and the ability to have vital input into the introduction of your child's formal education.


Try and get involved anyway you can it's worth it.


If you have any questions or would like to contact the preschool management committee please contact the preschool or email them at


Adelong Preschool for 2021 has opted into the NSW Government  2021 COVID-19 Free Preschool Program. This allows each child who attends for at least 15 hours (2 Days) free Preschool. 


If your child attends 3 or 4 days they will be charged accordingly for these extra days. All parents/carers will receive fee accounts at the start of each term. In 2021 families have received their accounts for the full year.


Instalments can be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly as long as they are regular and all fees are paid by the end of the term and a payment has been is completed by week 4 of each term.


Families who wish to pay their terms fees in a lump sum are requested to do this by week 4.


Please contact the preschool for the Fee  Schedule.

If your child is absent you will still be charged and required to pay for the day. There is no swapping of days. If you require your child to attend on a different day please contact the staff for an extra day.




All Adelong Preschool policies have been written and ratified in accordance with the Education and Care Services National Regulations and National Law 2010.


They allow for the smooth running of the preschool for parents, staff and children in accordance with consistent guidelines and procedures.


These policies are held at the Preschool, in the members area of the website and are avaliable for all members of the Preschool to read on request.

Xplor Program

Adelong Preschool is currently using the Xplor Program as part of our preschool day to day management.

This program allows through the "home" app for parents to electronically sign their children in and out, receive notifications, observations, look at their account and complete bookings instantly.  The Xplor Web allows for families to look at their child's individual program and goals.

The Educators use the Playground App and Web to complete the daily tasks as well as all of their programming, observations and reflections.